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A 10,000 km coastline, over 790 offshore islands, and scores of fairytale castles makes Scotland the perfect driving journey. The natural settings along with its myriad history is nothing short of impressive. It offers many treasures crammed into its compact territory – big skies, bales of hay on endless hillsides, ancient architecture, haunting skyscapes and lakes, superb seafood and most importantly friendly, hospitable people.

Wander the Lush Highlands

Welcome to the unparalleled land of mythical creatures, stunning highlands, unique food, men who wear skirts, golf and whiskey. Or better yet, that’s what people think of when they think about Scotland.

Modern-day Scotland on the other hand, featuring all of the above, offers so much more to those who choose to venture here. Scotland’s craggy peaks, lakes and omnipresent cumulus have inspired many a landscape artist.

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People, food and culture

Scotland’s first inhabitants were known as the Picts, a Celtic tribe who founded the Kingdom in the early Middle ages. Today, the vibrant Scottish people proudly uphold their strong traditions and have a distinct culture. The Highland Fling and the Sword dance are the oldest traditional Highland dances of Scotland. Male warriors performed the dances to celebrate their victory after returning from battle. Now, they are performed at national events and dance competitions. One can take a glimpse of Scottish culture at the annual festival called Scottish Highland games. Oats, barley, and dairy products are considered as pillars of the rural and urban diet of Scotland. The national dish is the haggis, a dish which consists of a pudding made of sheep's organs mixed with onions, oatmeal, and spices. It was traditionally served inside the sheep's stomach! Shortbread is another Scottish dish that does not require an introduction. Invented in 1736, the buttery goodness of shortbread makes it a popular dessert item worldover. Scotland is also famous for, yes you got it - Scotch Whisky, traditionally made from malted barley and more recently, also from wheat and rye. It is aged in oak barrels for at least three years to upwards of 20 years. No visit to Scotland is complete without downing a dram of the good stuff.

  • Languages spoken:

    English, Scots, Scots Gaelic

  • Fun Fact

    The nation’s national animal is a unicorn!

  • One reason you should go here

    Celebrate the annual Scottish festival, Up Helly Aa where the streets are filled with Viking boats, fire torches and thousands of people!

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