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We at xplor.earth are curators of hand-picked, offbeat destinations across the globe. Our team of well traveled experts, have inside access to the experiences we offer and vouch that these are nothing less than surreal. So take a leap of faith, and go places!

Experience the Warm Heart of Africa

Interact with the hospitable and friendly people of Malawi, the greatest asset of this Southern African country!

Uncover the Magic of Cuba

Canyon-like streets, crumbling buildings, and classic cars are just a few reasons that make this country top every traveler's bucket list!

Glacier Trekking in Patagonia

Discover the vast icy blue beauty of the Perito Moreno Glacier

Witness the Great Migration in Kenya and Tanzania

Experience one of the world's most spectacular natural occurrence, just steps away from you

Snorkeling in the Glacial Waters of Iceland

Everyone's been snorkelling in the warm waters, but would you dare to accomplish this feat in ice-cold temperatures?

Celebrate the Eagle Hunting Festival in Mongolia

Be a part of this ancient spectacle and witness the age-old tradition of the local Kazakh community.

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Discover more offbeat experiences in our top destination picks for 2019

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If you share our passion for adrenaline, join us on some of the most thrilling treks we have to offer

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